Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh So Hot and Yummy Rodjun Cruz on X-Ray Folio Mag! (Part 2)

And this is the second of the two photos of Rodjun Cruz in the latest X-Ray Folio magazine! Sooh hot!

Well, comparing Rodjun with his brother Rayver Cruz, Rodjun is more handsome and hotter! Yup, he is more seductive and much sexier than his brother! Definitely! Agree?!

His body is so gorgeously hot...! He can eventually rise up your temperature to the nth level! Seeing him only in this mag, you will definitely reach your climax!

Ooh Rodjun, ooh Rodjun...uhhhh...uhhhh...we want mooore....mooore....more of you! Uhhh...!!! We are now burning soooh hot because of you!

When I opened the page of Rodjun in the said X-Ray Folio mag, I immediately grab my cellphone camera and took photos of him! I tried so many times before I captured his best shot!

My hands, my eyes, my soul...and all part of my body is burning so hot right now because of Rodjun. My keyboard is now producing fire because of the ultimate hotness Rodjun brought! Uhhh...uhhhh...ooohhhhh...Rodjun....!!! OMG...Rodjun is irresistibly hot, sexy, seductive, tempting, yummy...what more can I describe him?!!! Uhhh...uhhh..uhhh Rodjun!!! C",)


  1. Thanks d2, Im also waiting for Rainer's photos. Thanks in advance

  2. pls post rainier's photo too



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