Sunday, October 10, 2010

Feel the Hot Scent of Coco Martin!

Ohh La-la Coco...uhhh...! Captivate me...uhhh..!!!

How does it feels to hug a topless Coco Martin like this?! How hot will it be...?! Do you dream to touch this very hot and yummy body of Coco Martin?! Ohhh...!!!

Yup, this is the latest billboard of the hottest and sexiest Indie Prince actor Mr. Coco Martin! Yup, this is his Bench Billboard which is scattered and posted around EDSA. Nope, this is not a Bench Body billboard! But rather, it is a Bench perfume billboard! Uhhhh...

Yeah, you may mistakenly identify it as a Bench Body billboard because Coco Martin is really oozing very hot! Yeah...he is super hot! His hottest and yumminess is up to the nth level! Awwww....!

He's topless! His sexy chest was exposed! We all wish to touch it, to lick it...and to taste it! Uhhh...soooh yummy! The girl in his back is so very lucky! Look at her, she is now reaching her climax because of Coco!

Ohh Coco..ohhh are irresistibly yummy! So 'masarap' delicious...! Uhhh... By just looking at your billboard, we really feel hot! What more if we touch your steamy body?! Ohhh...ohhhh...! Actually, I already steal a copy of your billboard printed in a broadsheet newspaper and keep it inside my closet! Hahaha..!

Coco..Coco...cocohhhhhhh...cocooohhhh..lala...!!! Uhhhh....! So very tempting hot! C",)

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