Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ryan Reynolds Stylish Attire in GQ Magazine!

Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds return in print media as he graces the cover of the latest edition of GQ magazine!

With the cover feature story title of "Ryan Reynolds Brings the Swagger", Ryan is stylish yet in formal men's attire!

Though he is in formal attire, his sexiness has been seem. As you can see, part of his abs were partially seen in his other photo for this magazine!

Ryan is one of the handsome and hunk international actor to date! He already portrayed a superhero in one of the Hollywood film, "Green Lantern"!

Ryan will also guide us in different styles in men's fashion as this mag also features a complete fall guide to men's style! Well, Ryan started to show us his own style in men's formal wear in the cover!

GQ is another fashion magazine in international arena. It gives us different styles and statements in fashion! Hmmm...what more do you expect in this issue of GQ magazine? Can we expect a topless or sexier Ryan Reynolds here?! We hope...hehe! C",)

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