Thursday, October 28, 2010

Very Beautiful Andi Eigenmann in Speed Magazine!

She is very beautiful and sexy! She's so captivating! Buyers will definitely attract with the cover girl and not on the gadgets they were looking at...!

This is how we can describe Ms. Andi Eigenmann being the cover girl of Speed Magazine! Speed magazine is a gadget, gizmo, and techie magazine. Every issue every month, they feature a sexy and beautiful girl as they cover babe! And for this month, it's so glad to see Andi Eigenmann!

Yeah, Andi is really a female head-turner in this magazine. She really looks different! I like her light brown curly hair! Her hair color perfectly blends with her skin tone in this mag. What more, if perfectly suits the flesh, light-brown background of the magazine! Some readers say or mistakenly identify her as Angel Locsin in this mag! Nice!

What more can we expect from this mag?! Well, it's more on techie and gadget topics! This month will focus more on the internet! The future of the internet and the battle of the browsers were some of the features that support their main topic. Of course, the mag will also give us PC guides!

Moreover, Andi really proves that she is today's hottest and most in-demand cover girl. Last month, she got four magazine covers! Then this month, she even invades a gadget mag! Great one Andi! Keep it up! More power to you 'Heiress of Drama'! C",)

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