Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dashing Mariel Rodriguez on 'The Power Issue' of Metro Mag!

Mariel Rodriguez is really controversial today. After her romance and unexpected marriage with the bad boy Mr. Robin Padilla, she was even surrounded by different intrigues involving her name with her co-hosts actresses Toni Gonzaga and KC Concepcion!

But these things were blessings in disguise! Look at her now, she is very beautiful in this October's edition of Metro Magazine! She is dashing in lavender in this cover!

Actually for this month of October, Metro Magazine's banner theme is called "The Power Issue"! Hmmm...why is it Mariel represents this month's main topic for this mag? Will Mariel only proves that she is really powerful against all issues, against all odds?!

But still, Ms. Mariel Rodrigues is very beautiful for this magazine! Her beauty really comes out. It blends better with the background of the mag! Nice! C",)

1 comment:

  1. We love Mariel here in Eastcoast,USA. She is bubbly,frank,beautiful,brave,kind & funny,traits we like about here.In fact,we love her more than ever after Toni,KC & the rest were trying to discredit her. She is who she is inside & out.More power to Mr.& Mrs.Robin Padilla!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!!



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